How does Chicago compare to the fashion capital Paris?

It was only a matter of time before we’d try to tackle a fashion editorial video. We’re excited to share with you our first production. It was a fun video shoot. In this post you’ll find the creative brief with some behind the scenes pictures and, of course, the video itself.

Thierry Roger has been a couturier for over 20 years. Originally from Paris, France he has been based in Chicago for the last few decades. His style is classic, his designs are meant to withstand time. They are relevant today as they will 5 years from now, and can be worn by someone in their 40s, as well as someone in their 20s.

Je rêve de Paris

The above video was the first version of the fashion editorial video. Titled “Je rêve de Paris” it is based on Thierry’s origin of being from Paris, with his clothes carrying that European inspiration and style, and his first experience as a fashion designer in Chicago. When Thierry launched his first line he was caught by surprise by the Chicagoans reaction.

Thierry had just moved from Paris and was trying to bring that Parisian flare with him. His first line was made of primarily black with some sheer fabric. In Thierry’s eye that was a very safe choice and his line was meant to look good on anyone. However, there was no excitement in the room when he presented his collection. It was welcomed with a chilled conservatism and skepticism, followed by a comment: “Go back to Paris, Chicago doesn’t need you.” The experience had raised some obstacles, however did not discourage Thierry from pursuing his career in fashion.

The editorial video aims to show that Chicago does need Thierry very much. Chicago needs that fashion, style and glamor that Paris has. And more so, Thierry’s designs do belong here and work very well with the city’s dynamic. The video also aims to emphasize some similarities that exist between Paris and Chicago.

Shot entirely in Chicago, the video begins with Aimee, the main character, dreaming of being in Paris. She dreams about wearing fashionable clothes and looking fabulous. In the dream she walks the streets of Paris and completely enjoying herself. The angles and location have been carefully chosen to confuse the viewer into thinking the location was, in fact, in Paris. The video then progresses to reveal that Aimee is not dreaming at all and everything was a reality. She is in Chicago, she’s wearing Thierry’s clothes, which make her feel fashionable and bring that Paris style here. The video goes to show that Chicago could be very much like Paris, and that is the reality.

Thierry Roger Couturier Video Editorial

In this version of the editorial video a Goth soundtrack accompanies the visual, which is the most unlikely sound to be associated with a classic design. The point of doing that was to emphasize the extend of versatility of a classical look. How it looks good cross time and age groups. How it can look classy and edgy at the same time. And can be worn in any number of situations and still be fashionably relevant.

Video credits
Cast – Aimee Sanchez
Director of Photography – Tony Rizzo and Erika Barreto
Creative Director – Ignacio Maldonado
Fashion Design – Thierry Roger
Editor – Tony Rizzo (Je rêve de Paris), Erika Barreto (alternative version)
Story – Raven
Makeup – Michelle Raucci
Hair – Anita Arsova
Still photography – Julian Favela

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