Anastasia Chatzka

Anastasia Chatzka is a designer with a broad creative scope and a boundless interest in what garment design can be. As a designer, Anastasia conceives highly innovative garments for women that are always leading the fashion trends and are one-step ahead. While confident in her ability to design for anyone, she openly admits that she is her own ideal client: a woman craving thoughtfully designed garments, full of color, texture and volume.

Anastasia attended several design schools and eventually graduated from the International Academy of Design in Chicago. Since then she has worked with some of the best and most innovative designers in the world, including Betsy Johnson and Anna Sui. In 2007, after returning to Chicago from Anna Sui in New York, Anastasia decided to focus on designing her own eponymous Collection – Anastasia Chatzka. Anastasia has been selling her eponymous collections exclusively at her namesake boutique in the trendy Wicker Park neighborhood for two years.

Anastasia draws upon her training and experiences to produce garments imbued with haute-couture craftsmanship and intelligence while remaining true to the street-style sensibilities of independence, authenticity, and non-conformity. Anastasia strives to rise above the recent trend towards ‘fast-fashion’ by concentrating on manufacturing her Collections locally and collaborating with highly skilled local tailors.

Anastasia is a personification of her Collection’s: feminine, fun, colorful, and edgy. She wants people to know that she is a young woman designer creating amazing garments that make you smile & feel sexy when you slip them on. Everyone wants that special garment in their closet that makes them feel empowered, Anastasia believes that her garments give women that sensation.