Anna Fong

After working in New York at Chaps Ralph Lauren licensee design house, where she gained professional experience in the fashion industry, Fong decided to return to Chicago to pursue her own business.

Borrowing from her unique heritage of Guatemalan-Chinese, Anna brings a fresh new concept in the world of fashion that exudes traditional elegance and sophistication.

In designing her collection Ms. Fong draws inspiration from her favorite era of the 1940s and 1980s. She relies on such style influences as art, photographs, films, vintage wardrobes and the work of artist Freida Kahlo. These influences find their way into Fong’s personal style, which are directly reflected in the Anna Fong collection.

Anna Fong blends timeless and classic design elements with modern fashion sensibilities. Fong achieves this by drawing on her understanding of vintage clothing, fashion history and tailoring, and then accenting it with bohemian and ethnic details. Particularly significant to this diverse mix are clean designs, the accents of which convey the spirit of each collection. The Anna Fong collection provides an original look for the style-conscious woman who might be aware of the trends but does not rely on them.