Art meets Music meets Fashion at RAW: natural born artists showcase

What does art, music and fashion have in common? They are creative outlets and means of expression that need a stage and an audience. RAW: natural born artists provide the latter.

On September 22, 2011 RAW: natural born artists hosted its 8th showcase in Chicago called JUNCTION. Held at Evil Olive it was an event that combined Art, Music and Fashion in a fun and inspiring showcase of various Chicago based talents.

RAW: natural born artists is an independent arts organization that provides tools and resources for emerging artists. With creative production teams in 22 major cities, the organization gives the artists marketing and promotional materials to further their career, while showcasing their talent at a collaborative local event.

At each of their showcases RAW hand-selects and spotlights independent creatives in visual art, film, fashion, music, hair and makeup artistry, photography, models and performing art. The Junction event line-up did not disappoint.

Walking in, guests were greeted by upbeat tunes played by DJ Jon Schelling. As they progressed further inside they got to admire great work done by some of the very talented artists in Chicago; installations by Victoria Claus, photography by Martha J. Photography, prints done by William James and surreal paintings by Roy Villalobos.

William James is photographer, graphic designer, fashion expert, and more. These trades have made it possible for William to have a unique fresh artistic view, bringing his new raw style of art to what’s happening in today’s ever-changing industry. His vast knowledge of what people are interested in has enabled William James to fly past his competitors.

“I would like to say my work is different and unique in its own way! I don’t just stick to one style and I always try to incorporate every thought in my work one way or another.” said William

Roy Villalobos is a self didactic painter that has been working and exhibiting for 5 years. His cosmovision influenced by surrealism with metamorphic figures, mostly in acrylic or oil on canvas.

“Life, love and spirituality are my inspirations, thru life experiences in a continue process of exploration of my subconscious and feelings where I find the balance through the creation of paintings and other artistic medias. I am not what I think or say, I am what I feel and do. “ — Roy Villalobos

And of course there was fashion. Local accessory designers Jasmin Mitchell and Imaginary Girl Jewelry and Vintage had their jewelry on display.

Jasmin Mitchell is an independent freelance jewelry designer. Jasmin worked for several years as a wardrobe and styling assistant for a touring fashion show, while on the road she started experimenting with other elements of fashion design and discovered a knack for creating. She has focused on jewelry making since then and settled back down in her hometown of Chicago.

“My handmade jewelry is created from a variety of materials including semi precious stones, beads, wood, metals, recycled materials, chain and whatever else I find interesting to create with. I like to experiment and so I don’t really limit myself when it comes to my style. My pieces range from subtle and clean to bolder and edgier designs. I am inspired by many things including (old and new) fashion, movies, music, magazines, and art.“ shared Jasmin Mitchell

As the night progressed a runway quickly appeared on the floor and a fashion show took place. DiLi Designs showcased their collection of funky dresses. Models’ hair and makeup styled by Analicia Wilson and Lauren Lykke. And to finish it up “Legend Haz It” treated everyone to a live performance.

It was a great night of Art, Music and Fashion and we look forward to future showcases by RAW: natural born artists.

Media crew:
Reporter and photographer – Raven Mai

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