Do you know what the fashion future holds?

Ever wonder what the future might be like? See our version of it in our 2nd fashion editorial video “Future of Fashion” featuring designer Hakeem Gayden. The concept of the video has been build on the designer’s inspiration for the collection and metaphorically applied on the grand scale to the fashion industry in Chicago.

“Future of Fashion”

Hakeem’s collection “Blades of Petals” has been inspired by nature. Each piece is representative of a flower, colorful and rich, full of life and vibrant. As flowers that once were simply seeds and needed to be planted and cared for as they grow, the collection has been carefully put together with attention to the smallest details. This collection is symbolic of Hakeem’s own growth and maturity as a fashion designer.

The video takes place in a futuristic post-apocalyptic Chicago, burned with radiation and hit with rapid changes in weather it has become almost inhabitable with breathable air slowly disappearing. It is during these grim times that people have embraced things that have been taken for granted. Fashion.

Not knowing how much time they have left to live, they are not wasting any minute of it. Wearing daring designs with vibrant colors has become the norm. Having to wear the masks did not stop them from looking fashionable. The masks have become an accessory and complement the extravagant makeup.

In the video the metaphor of the flower growing out of a seed is applied to the fashion industry in Chicago, and how it is still growing and emerging. The industry is still conservative, however trying to break out of it. Young, up and coming designers slowly, but surely are changing this industry by introducing a new flare. And just like a flower growing from a seed, Chicago’s fashion scene will bloom. Hakeem’s designs are the future of Chicago’s fashion.

Video credits
Cast – Aya Jackson, Akosua Manu
Director – Raven
Creative Director – Ignacio Maldonado
Cinematographer – Theophilus Jamal
Story – Raven, Ignacio Maldonado, Hakeem Gayden
Written – Raven
Executive Producer – Raven
Fashion Design – Hakeem Gayden
Mask Accessories Design – Hakeem Gayden
Jewelry Design – Bella Colletta by Christina Bock
Editing and Color Correction – Matt Mantyla
Camera Assistant – Robert Parsons
2nd Camera Assistant – Kristine Kruse
Makeup – Kaori Nik
Original Soundtrack – KINE
Still photography – Julian Favela and Terence Lee

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