Launch of Fashion Industry Mixer networking events series

A first of its kind industry networking event series was launched in Chicago. Are you a fashion designer looking to promote your new line? Are you a photographer looking to collaborate on a new shoot? Are you a model looking to update your portfolio? Then Fashion Industry Mixer is the event you want to attend.

Fashion Industry Mixer is an industry networking event for those who are looking to expand their contact list, meet new people to collaborate with or are looking for new opportunities. It is an event for fashion designers, photographers, models, hairstylists, makeup artists, bloggers, boutique owners and stylists.

The purpose of the series is to provide a platform for fashion minded people to connect. To help bridge the gap emerging talent is facing when trying to break into an industry while missing the right contacts.

Upon arrival guests get color coded name tags to help them navigate the crowd. Each color represents a trade in the fashion industry. The point? To help find the right people to network with. If someone is looking for, let’s say, a photographer, then all they need to do is scan the room for green name tags. It helps make networking efficient when looking for someone specific.

Of course, if the purpose of attending the event is to expand one’s fashion network and meet new people in the industry, then the name tags serve as a conversation starter. Hey I see you’re a makeup artists. Any interesting shoots you’ve done recently?… And the conversation had started.

In Chicago there are so many networking events. Sadly, there aren’t any dedicated to fashion. That’s why we thought is would be a great idea to launch recurring industry events for people in fashion to network.

The first Fashion Industry Mixer was held on Jun 9, 2011 in the Bridge Bar at Fulton on the River. A great spot in the Loop overlooking the Chicago River. At the Bridge Bar cocktails and food are created from great ingredients, reinventing Chicago’s post-work agenda. Guests were treated to an open bar and light hors d’oeuvre.

Why would someone want to attend these events? Ever heard the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. That is so true in the fashion industry. More often then not the greatest opportunities come from people we know. And networking is the best way to get to know the right people.

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