RAW:Chicago ACTIVATE kicks off the emerging talent showcase season

For new and emerging talent it may be challenging to find opportunities to showcase their work. It is great that there is an independent organization that creates such opportunities on monthly basis. RAW hosts collaborative events that feature creations of up and coming photographers, artists and designers.

RAW: natural born artists is an independent organization operating in many cities across the country, hosting showcases where hand selected artists from 9 different creative, fashion and performing categories are featured each month.

On February 23 the 2012 RAW: natural born artists showcase season had kicked off with ACTIVATE. The season will go on until October and will wrap up with an yearly awards event.

It was exciting that RAW had moved to a new venue. The three level Double Door, located at the intersection of Milwaukee, Damen and West North, provided plenty of space for guests and artists.

Throughout the venue art and photography was displayed. On the main level bands and singers performed on the stage. In between the performances two fashion shows took place. As well a music video for “Sky High”, Christine Fasan and Lomai, was shown on the big screen. Great thank you to DJ Ceez for letting us use the song as the soundtrack to the video recap of the RAW:Chicago ACTIVATE.

Hats by Angela Morano were on display on the main floor. Angela individually handcrafts each hat though the use of millinery techniques. She has been making hats since 2007.

The first fashion presentation of the evening was the Spring/Summer 2012 collection by DiLi. Makeup of the models was done by Kiki-J and hair by Maya Puentes. DiLi collection is fun, colourful and using different textures. DiLi design for the outgoing and fun loving, and also courageous women who are not afraid of being in the spotlight.

Following, Adela Red showcased her women’s and men’s line “Filorosso”. Models’ makeup was done by Dena Miller and hair by Shelby George Smith. Adela Red designs for the contemporary women and men while leverages the feel of historical periods because of the style and sophistication that’s attributed to those times. Her philosophy is that people need to look good without needing to sacrifice comfort. All her designs are multi-purpose and with a play of accessories and shoes could go from every day wear to evening.

As the RAW’s new season is off to a good start, it promises to bring a lot of excitement and new talent.

Media crew:
Video Reporter – Ashley Saunders
Event Video – Garrick Peterson
Event Photography – Tahany Yassin

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