Front Row look Monàrrez Spring and Fall 2012 fashion collections

A Friday evening is simply not complete unless you spend it admiring high fashion. Which is exactly what we did along with the elite of Chicago society and many fashion enthusiasts who had gathered to see Hector-Javier Monàrrez latest collection.

On October 7, 2011 at the Union League Club of Chicago Hector Monàrrez had presented his Spring and Fall 2012 collections. “Front Row” fashion show has been in the making for a few months and was definitely worth the wait.

Hector-Javier Monàrrez grew up in a family of seamstresses and dressmakers, which inspired and fuelled his creativity and passion for fashion. After graduation from design school Hector travelled the word where he has mastered his skills. He then founded the MONàRREZ COLLECTION in 2009 on the principles of quality designs, quality fabrics and quality fit.

The MONàRREZ COLLECTION is dedicated to creating high fashion pieces that are wearable and functional. The MONàRREZ woman is stylish, bold, captivating and graceful. The mission of the MONàRREZ COLLECTION is not to simply make clothes, but to create fashion.

“In my opinion women are the definition of beauty. When I design I always concentrate on creating beauty and creating feminine silhouettes. This is something that comes very natural to me when I design. I can get inspired by anything. My main goal is to offer something different every time I present my designs on the runway. ‘Unique’, ‘Different’ and ‘High Fashion’ are words that I always keep in my mind before I start designing.“ said Hector-Javier Monàrrez.

The evening of the highly anticipated show the guests gathered on the 5th floor of the Union League Club of Chicago, where complimentary wine with divine seafood hors d’oeuvres were served. Many of the Chicago’s socialites wearing Hector’s designs had arrived around 6pm for the VIP reception.

At 8pm the doors to the Crystal Room were open and guests hurried in to take their seats. Zoraida Sambolin from NBC Universal made the introduction. She was wearing a custom tailored to her measurements dress designed and made by Hector specially for this occasion.

Hector presented two of his collections, his Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2012 collections. As the music started playing, the models walked out wearing striking dresses, the next more spectacular then the previous. Both collections had an array of cocktail dresses and evening gowns that could be worn for virtually any special occasion.

The Spring collection had a fun and flirty feel to it, while maintaining the MONàRREZ classy look. The dresses were predominately of dark and light pink, soft yellows and spring green, and are perfect for the summer cocktail parties.

The Fall collection had a very sophisticated look with darker tones and metallic fabrics. The pieces accentuated the woman’s curves and are guaranteed to attract attention to any woman wearing it.

Hector’s designs were mint examples of great craftsmanship combined with meticulous attention to detail.

Media crew:
Reporter – Raven Mai
Event Photography – Aaron Kissman

Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

“Spring/Summer 2012 Collection was inspired by femininity. It is a combination of soft colors and feminine silhouettes, with a magic touch of elegance.“

Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

“Fall/Winter 2012 Collection was inspired by a dreamy mystery. I decided to use metallic tones and a variety of interesting cuts to capture a very unique fashion concept.“

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