GOCA answers ultimate question at Elegance of Maturity fashion show

“Is maturity something that comes with age or with experience?” was the question that GOCA used as the foundation for their new collection and the theme for their fashion show. “Elegance of Maturity” collection was the answer to those that had their doubts about the young label.

We first met GOCA at their show at the Fashion Market, where they presented their collection “Anatomy of the Human Soul”. We’ve followed their rise in the fashion industry ever since.

Looking at how much they’ve accomplished in the past year, it’s hard to believe the duo behind the GOCA label are in their very early 20s and both full time students.

GOCA Designs was founded by Gordana Rasic a pre-med student in November of 2010. Few months later in Jun 2011, Omar Villalobos, a Fashion Marketing and Journalism student, joined the label.

Omar’s constant hunger to succeed and never ending determination was what contributed to GOCA’s sudden rise in popularity in Chicago, which later helped them reach New York.

After joining GOCA and continuing his full-time education at Columbia, Omar never missed an opportunity to promote the label. Keeping a constant presence on the scene, Omar secured appearances in various fashion shows around Chicago.

The solo fashion show at the Fashion Market was only the beginning. GOCA was featured at the September Fashion Industry Mixer, the RAW: natural born artists showcase, Latino Fashion Week. And that’s just to name a few.

The most nominal achievement was to be selected to showcase during the Fashion Week in New York last fall, where GOCA debuted their “Elegance of Maturity” collection.

GOCA’s journey was not without obstacles. Being so young caused people to question their ability to deliver. Doubt if they were mature enough. Gordana and Omar held their second solo fashion show at the Room 1521 on April 13, 2012 and addressed those doubts and questions by hosting a successful event.

Media crew:
Video Reporter – Raven Mai
Event Video – Garrick Peterson
Event Photography – Julian Favela

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